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Using the toolchain to build executable with a configure script

  • I am looking to build a few executables with the toolchain, but I am unsure how because the application uses a configure script. I saw this post but these were applications without a configure script. The application I want to built is vlfrx-tools and I want to build vtcard, vttime, and vtcat. The configure script options I need to use are --with-hardfloat --without-vorbis --without-flac --without-resample --without-curses --without-shout --without-x11. I don't want to make a package, I just want to build those executables and I'll scp them over. How should I go about doing this?


  • Hi @Jonathan-Rizzo, you can define a Build/Configure clause that runs the configure command before the actual compilation takes place. You can find out more information on this page: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/devel/packages.


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