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Is it supposed to make this sound?

  • I have an Omega set up on an expansion dock with one servo expansion, and a small servo plugged into it. Something in the dock stack (dock, omega, or servo expansion, I can't tell) is making a sound that for the life of me sounds exactly like a spinning-disk hard drive doing a lot of reading and writing. It's quiet enough that I may not have noticed it, except that the room I'm in is silent right now.

    It's not my computer (which has an SSD, not an HDD). It's not the servo, either. When I put my ear right next to the Omega, it's clear that the sound is definitely coming from one of the boards.

    Is this normal? There aren't any moving parts on these boards, so I'm at a loss as to what is making this sound.

  • Hi @Chad-Hadsell, The sound you are hearing is probably coming from the oscillator. A few people have reported this phenomenon, but so far it doesn't seem that it there's any side effect associated with it.


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