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Omega is dead after multiple flashes...

  • OK, so I have some bad news.

    After 20 flashes my Omega is now dead!

    The funny thing is that Atheros is making a strange noise. It "whistles" persistently in a high frequency pitch. Is there any logical explanation for that feedback? Is it maybe a burned-out capacitor or the crystal inside the clock? Is there any chance there is some sort of thin metal that conducts with anything inside the chip and makes it produce that noise?

    It's sad but very challenging to understand why this has happened and if this noise makes any sort of sense...

    I just wanted to share.


  • I have the same noise with one of my Omega modules, but is still in a working state..

    The tone of the noise also changes a bit when to module is under load.

    The other Omega I have, makes no noise at all.


  • Hi @George-Delaportas ,

    If your Omega is still not functioning, please open a helpdesk ticket at https://onion.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/new and include the following information as per our refund/exchange investigation procedure:

    • Pictures of the Omega connected to a Dock (preferably the Expansion Dock) and plugged into power or your computer
    • Firmware version
    • Terminal output (if any)
    • Your current shipping address

    Thank you,


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