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GPS expansion

  • I'm still waiting on my two gps expansion

  • @Leonard-Stroman Unfortunately many of us do. But i am sure that they will ship them if they are in a quality that we are happy with. I could imagine making hardware is sometimes a hard business and needs heavy testing.

    Anyway... you can use any gps module that is connected via UART / TTL and echo´s NMEA data with Arduino expansion or USB to TTL adapter. It works very well.

    Cheers Ben

  • @Boken-Lin @Lazar-Demin After testing 2 different type of gps modules (two ublox of same type and one adafruit) i am afraid that the Onion might be the reason for no gps signal.

    But from the beginning:
    I bought two Ublox Neo-6M. I connected it with an USB to TTL adapter. Tested on my local pc without a problem. Very fast gps fix.

    Then i connected with my Onion. No gps.

    What i tried: Just connecting VCC and GND, no RX/TX, connecting VCC and GND from another power supply and connecting RX/TX only. Bought another gps module from Adafruit.

    When does the gps module work (reproducable for both types of modules):
    Simply when the Onion is turned off.... when its powered on i dont get a fix. After i turn the Onion of i have a fix after about 30 seconds. When the Onion is not turned on at all i get a fix within 5 seconds...

    There must be smth wrong with the Onion that makes pretty much interference.. i have no other idea. Anyway i have to add that i am not knowledged with electricity and interferences or magnetism.

    I will try one other thing: Tmrw the external antenna for the adafruit gps module is shipped... lets see what happens when the antenna is placed far away from then onion.

    Thankful for any help.

    Cheers Ben

  • Like i expected.. with external antenna, placed far away (> 60cm) from onion the gps signal is good. Below 60cm the gps signal becomes weak or completely unable to find a fix.

    What is causing this on the onion? Honestly, but that would be a desaster that the onion causes such big interferences!

    Cheers Ben

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