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Camera Kit

  • Happy to finally have the camera kit. Wondering if there are any docs for it? I'm not even sure how to assemble the plastic bits. šŸ™‚

  • need that too

  • I would like to see it as well

  • I received my camera kit yesterday. Looks like I get a camera ripped out of a Mac (didn't know that if that's what I was expecting, okay as long as it works), plastic servos (not the nice metal servos shown in the pictures) and I don't get the servo horns required to build it. šŸ˜ž

  • Hi, it seems the parts I received weren't exactly fitting like shown in the guide. I managed to make them fit using some epoxy putty and shaving down the servo horns, but the camera kit has no obvious attachment point (do I glue this on?). I hope a more robust instruction guide can be made to address these issues. Also a tutorial for attaching the camera and open CV builds that are onion sized will also be helpful.

  • @James-Choi what is the connection between the camera and the omega the pics don't show (don't own one). Thanks

    1. Attaching the camera it self to the servo bracket (there's nowhere to attach it, it looks like it has to be hot glued on)

    2. attaching servos to bracket: the sockets look like they were made for different brands, I had to shave down the servo horns to fit in the servo horn socket. I don't mean just a manufacturing tolerance, the servo horns were significantly larger and the base plate's screw holes didn't match up to the servo horn. (needed to be shaved down to fit, and epoxy to hold them in place without wobble.

    3. lack of software support: I guess thats okay, I'll just compile my own build of opencv. But I hope for more support in the future, especially servo controls for the bracket and sample code for smart camera.

  • Both the servo bracket and and servo horn is doesn't fit nicely. I could slice the servo horn to make it fit, but I'm still thinking on how to deal with the camera bracket... I guess this was mainly due to the change of the camera module during production.

    Anyway, it will be great if more software or some sample code are available.

  • After several monts with the kit on top of the table waiting for some spare time..today
    I had some time wit the kit...but the experience was below epectations.
    Has anyone developed any sort of usable tutorial about the camera kit?
    while the rest of the modules are quite nice, the camera is quite under-engineered.
    mechanical parts are quite loose, assembly screws poorly selected and finally you have
    a usb camera with no actual fixing points to the structure...
    A pity.

  • Slipping on my kid gloves for this input. The initial reason for my interest was to install these units in a vehicle for street security unfortunately the cameras never materialized. Submitted questions concerning this advertised option only to have it fall between the cracks of "new release" and fanboy responses. So I have given up on this project and moved on but if you get any sort of useful input will be watching you RFI.

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