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Expansion Dock RGB led doesn't work

  • Hi to all,
    Yesterday I received my omega onion with the "Expansion Dock", so I'm a newbe....

    I followed the tutorials but my Expansion Dock RGB led doesn't turn on in any ways.
    I tried expled 0xfffffff or any other hex number but nothings happens.
    May be it broken? It is possible?

    I buoght the relays extension and it's working well with python and shell command.
    But the RGB led no... I'm very sad...

    Could anyone help me to understand if the "Expansion Dock" is broken or guide me out the problem?


  • Hi @Giuseppe-Milano,

    Please open up a helpdesk ticket at https://onion.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/new with the following information and we will look into it:

    • Photos of the Omega connected to the Expansion Dock, and plugged into a power source (either your PC or wall outlet)
      • Please include one top-down photo and one from the side (showing where the Omega is connected to the Expansion Dock)
    • Your current shipping address in case we need to send a replacement

    Thank you,


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