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Shim layer for software driver profiles

  • Besides all that cross-topic stuff, it becomes clear from the tutorials I've seen thus far that committing one Omega device for one use is all that you should expect, as if you want to re-purpose it for another project, you'll have to potentially uninstall drivers previously installed for the other projects that would now conflict with your current endeavor.

    To that end, has there been any thought given to a system that can save driver profiles in the cloud, and then remotely upload them via ubus commands to provision an onion omega for a specific purpose? Heck, it'd be really awesome if all that was needed for each project was to purchase the specific hardware and then upload a pre-baked software driver profile onto the Omega before you plug and play away! Really, it'd be a heck of an add-on atop what opkg and openWRT already provide. I know that it may seem to take away some of the fun of tinkering, but "I love resolving driver dependencies" is not something I've heard any programmer or system administrator say.

    Any thoughts to this @Boken-Lin or @Lazar-Demin ?

  • I just realized that specific software driver profile loadouts could be housed on custom and small flash drives that could ship all needed packages (which opkg could later update once installed) for a specific hardware kit ordered from the store. Really, for the above to make sense, I do believe that we'd need to tweak the OS to allow for running packages installed outside of root, such that the 16MB root partition can house only the absolute essential bootstrapping tech, while the external usb hub is required to run the actual application/project software necessary.

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