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Onion Omega Setup Wizard finished?

  • Hello everyone.
    Just doing my first set up. How do you know when the wizard is finished?
    The circle goes round, and round,,,.An hour later and it's still going round.
    Warning: Do not power off the device during update.
    The green bar has gone all the way across to the last circle. " Is it safe", or should I keep waiting? Does anyone remember having this problem? Thanks in advance to any help. Getting a bit impatient.

  • Hi John,
    Just read carefully, it says wait till the Omega led stops blinking. After downloading the Firmware it will be copied on the right place and the Omega is starting again. The led will switch of and switch on again and blink till firmware is ready in the Memory.

    It could be that the Omega not gets online automatically after update. But in this case you can connect it with USB over serial. A how to, you find in omega.io/getstarted

    With wifi you start the wifi Adapter and with wifisetup you can choose the right wifi network again. As you can store more than one wifi-network, it will be probably deactivated after update.

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