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IFTTT error Messages

  • Hi

    I have been playing around with IFTTT starting with the tutorial using the DO button.

    I haven't actually got an OLED display so I altered things so that instead of sending a message to the display for now the message goes to the system log.

    This does seem to work and so if I push the button and then "logread -l 10" a few seconds later I see .....
    kern.emerg 06:02PM Hello From https://ifttt.com/share/4xxzz9HwMjB

    Problem is that some time after that I get an error message from IFTTT saying that there has been an error and so if I look in the recipe event log it says ..... Action Skipped. Unable to make web request: Error: ETIMEDOUT

    Probably something that I haven't done correctly but any ideas ???

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