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Another Onion Omega received and not working...

  • Hi,

    I recently received the Onion Omega and a couple of docks which I had backed on kickstarter. I tried to first start the Onion on the Expansion dock and while the blue light occasionally appeared on the expansion dock the LED on the Omega never comes on. In addition there is no onion wifi detected on my macbook. I then tried switching on and off a couple of times and the switch broke off on the dock...

    I then tried the Mini dock with the Omega and again no LED action on the device and again the power switch snapped off with very slight pressure...

    So right now I have two broken docks and an Onion Omega that doesn't seem to power up.... I hope someone can help soon!

    Best regards

  • Hi Rick, I apologize for the bad experience that's as a result of our oversight. As mentioned in my reply to another post you made, can you double check for me if you've turned the switch on the docks to the ON position? If the LED does not turn on even when the dock is on, then there's defective in the Omega itself, and we'll work with you to get it replaced.

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