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Android App

  • Can we develop android app to interface with the omega cloud to control omega board also connected to the cloud.
    what is the way to develop like these APPs.

    instead of open web page to make android app with customized view and buttons

  • I think it'd be easiest to simplify the web app to allow for scaling down to android's UI. Making an app is a bit of overkill, imo, especially as you won't necessarily be loading this without some type of network connection. Even better would be if the console front end on the onion was customized per OS. That way, I can login to onion.local and get an android or iOS specific landing page and control the onion in a 'user mode'.

    Otherwise, you're trying to create an app that will essentially be forced to implement a REST client, which isn't trivial on all mobile OSes thus far (unless that's changed since I made an android/iOS app).

  • I have used Automagic very successfully to create an "APP" to interface with Onion.

    Automagic allows you to create widgets and a basic UI, and through the use of onion cloud you can control the Onion as well.

    I use json in python to create a json file that outputs all the variables I wish to see on my phone. Automagic can decode json to get at the variable very easily as well.

    The best advantage of Automagic is that you can change the way things work "on the go" without needing a computer to compile, etc... Thats mostly the reason why I chose to use Automagic rather than write my own app.

    Here is a thread that might help:

    I would be happy to post my flows and widgets as an example if somebody is interested.


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