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Cassandra and Omega? (Oops, sorry about calling it 'Onion')

  • Just thinking out loud.

    • How to cluster
    • Installing HADOOP lite? (is that even a thing?)
    • Cassandra for 'Little Big Data' (in other words, home and person(s) telemetry)
    • Localized IFTTT (only local net, no Internet allowed)
    • How to create a physical and networked DMZ for the Onion cluster
      :: Connections to breaker box
      :: Connections from this cluster to individual Onions for more granular control (from breaker to individual device)
      :: Define 'broken' state. Allow for manual override and what state is best, "Off" or "On"
    • Learning parameters and how to allow for human interaction to approve IFTTT or other semantic changes and which interactions not needing human interaction

    (More thoughts but brain too small to hold them all...)

  • The baby's name is Omega and the Family behind are the Onioneers (onion.io) !

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