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Is this the case for your wireless interface?

  • It doesn't work with my Wireless card!

    This is a known problem, and it is not caused by the bridge code. Many wireless cards don't allow spoofing of the source address. It is a firmware restriction with some chipsets.

  • Please be more specific!

    Do you talk about your routers, computers or the omegas wifi interface?
    If from your router/computer we need detailed information as:
    brand, model, driver/firmware version.

    And your title is useless in such a question form. We want to know about what you are talking without opening the request.

    Example: Spoofing problem with some types of WiFi Adapters/Interfaces/chipsets.
    Then explain or put some links where we can get more info's.

  • Hi @Guest

    Could you clarify what exactly are you trying to do here? Is his related to your previous project about making an extended wifi-wired bridge LAN?

  • @Nayan Hey. Yes it is related and shows the complexity of getting the bridge to work have yet to see anything posted showing successful setup of the Omega as a bridge. These articles are part of my search and shows the possible pitfalls of attempting to configure as such.

  • Hi @Guest
    Thanks for clarifying that.... maybe it would make more sense and help everyone keep track of your project progress and challenges faced if you posed it as a reply in the old post? that way the context would be clearer when you post useful links as above.

    As far as the project goes - I will try to help you in a couple of weeks. Right now my omega + exp dock is occupied (as I have told you in the pm). I'm the kind of guy who cant solve a problem without simulating it myself. Just give me sometime I'm sure we can solve this.

    P.S. By the way I have been using the omega+exp dock as a router for about 5 months now with different devices connected, including a raspberry pi through wifi and through a wired connection with a belkin router running ddwrt - in the exact same config you want to run your project on i.e., omega is the router -> ddwrt router is the wifi bridge to which I connect the raspberry pi/beaglebone with a patch cord. I am assuming that if its possible to do this with ddwrt it should be possible with openwrt.

  • @Nayan Sounds like we are on the same page. Omega sits as bridge connecting to AP via wifi and ethernet expansion module has switch plugged into it allowing both sides to reside on network. Of course DHCP requests to be passed through Omega (bridge) to the DHCP server. Looking forward to comparing notes.

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