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Expansions in general

  • Hey guys,

    thanks for that great board. I recieved my package today and now i am testing a few things.
    To keep it short: Are the expansion boards for the dock recognised? I plugged the ethernet expansion in and rebooted, but i don't see any device. there is no "eth0" or something, when i run ifconfig.

    How to install expansions and proceed with them?

    Thanks for a few hinte

  • Hi @philipp, some expansions are detected whereas some other ones are not. For example, all the I2C expansions can be detected by the Omega, but Ethernet Expansion is just breaking out some of the pins so that you can plug in an ethernet jack. To enable ethernet network, you will need to uncomment and edit the following lines in /etc/config/network:

      config interface 'lan'
      option ifname 'eth0'
      option type 'bridge'
      option proto 'static'
      option ipaddr ''
      option netmask ''
      option ip6assign '60'

    After you have saved your edits, you need to restart the service with /etc/init.d/network restart.


  • Hey @Boken-Lin,

    thanks for the hint. I will trie that out soon!

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