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How to connect to GPIOs with Mini Dock

  • I'm working on a small project and the form factor I want to accomplish isn't really playing well with the power dock. However I need 5V power since I'm working with a USB stick for additional storage AND I need access to the GPIOs on board.

    On top of this, unfortunately, the onion's pins don't seem to fit into any of my generic PCB etched boards for soldering and bridging and then having that generic board sandwiched in between the onion and the mini dock. That would have been really cool.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can successfully use all of the following together without risking my onion?
    onion+mini dock
    USB in
    5V power (right now, usb-IN)


  • Do you have any soldiering experience? The expansion dock + proto board expansion could provide the expandability you need; how small of a form factor were you thinking?

  • @Clement-Ho Oh, I can solder. I've got a few onion proto boards on backorder (I think they are in the mail). The form factor with the power dock is too tight. It is actually a tug of war between the board and the case where either the case flexes or the board warps. Either way its not ideal. The mini dock would be amazing if I could get a standard PCB board to work.

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