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I do Onion's marketing - ask me anything!

  • Hi Onioneers!

    I'm sure a good number of Onioneers run businesses or are thinking about starting one.. if you have any questions about online marketing/advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, crowdfunding marketing, etc. - ASK AWAY HERE! And I will do my best to offer you my insights and advice!

    Co-Founder, Onion

  • I just want to say congratulations Francis. HUGE success with this Kickstarter campaign! You must be extremely proud. I am excited to receive my Omega2 in Nov.

  • Being the marketing guy, do you think its likely that Onion will expand the Omega line into low power bluetooth devices, and setting the stage for having the existing Omegas act as Bluetooth LE 6LoWPAN router toward low power devices?

  • @Allan-Nichols Thanks! It was a team effort in making it a success. Thanks for backing us and we're going to work hard to get that Omega2 into your hands asap!

  • Great job on the marketing and development! I do have one question, it seems like there was a huge amount of high quality marketing at the begining of the omega 2 project, but now that you are getting ready to ship out, Im not seeing a lot of buzz over the omega 2 aside from the general impatience on kickstarter and indigogo. I havent even seen coverage of Onion at maker faire nyc, the event you were promoting on facebook. Is there a reason you havent been promoting the produce over this most recent period? Are you just devoting all your resources to developing the produce and shipping the product A$AP? my other question is, how much of the development and marketing of this product do you expect the end users and the community to do? Do you expect many users to develop apps for the onion cloud, because I havent seen very much information about the kitchen, something that I am looking forward to hearing more about?

  • @francis-chung


    I do not have a question nor I need an advice,. But I will give you and Onion an advice, from old entrepreneur to young entrepreneurs:

    Your lack of communication does not show that you run a professional business.

    Take yourself an hour of time, and give some feedback to your customers - even if it is not a positive message.

    Communication on Kickstarter was a catastrophy, but communication on Indiegogo is just not existing. No backer of Kickstarter or Indiegogo knows if Onion is a serious company or just a hoax.

    So please: Provide regular updates to customers on BOTH platforms, and look into freshdesk for open incident tickets.


  • I do agree that the Onion status updates are less than I would like. Roman, I do not agree that more updates = trustworthy company (as criminal people would just flood people with lies so that they feel happy and stop complaining). All that being said, I think that THE BEST PLACE for status updates is on the Onion website, not Kickstarter, Indigogo, nor the community forum (although these updates are quite welcome as the news reach more people, faster).

  • OK, I have an easy one. How do I order the Hologram Cellular module? My Omega2 should be on it's way soon, and I'll be ready to tinker with it.


  • Im actually pretty happy with what the team has been able to accomplish, considering there are only 14 people on the team according to indigogo. As far as I can tell they Omega 2's are still set to ship out in December, and I have already received the survey. I ordered 5 omega 2's when I realized I could program them without a serial connection and that I just needed a 3v source of power, not to mention the user interface looks amazing. So they are going to cost me just over $6 a piece after shipping, I dont know about you but that is a pretty great price imo. I really don't care if Onion has media coverage, all that is just fluff to me. I also think if you compared this project to something like the C.H.I.P. you would see that the Onion team is actually moving reasonably fast. The CHIP team finished the kickstarter campaign in June just like the onion team, chip team said they were going to start shipping in december, but they didnt finish filling their orders until june. So I think that even if the Onion team could finish by February or August they would be doing well.

  • I have a question, why should we trust you after your personal details harvesting sticker scam?

  • @Mark-Gil Where is this coming from?

  • This post is deleted!

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