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RYF Certification is possible on AR9331 devices

  • hi folks, this is to the creators of the omega2.

    i'm currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the EOMA68 project, and i applied for RYF Certification and will be releasing an update shortly about it so that you can read more about the process.

    i reviewed the hardware schematics: one thing that is really strategically important for you to be aware of is that the AR9331 requires absolutely no proprietary firmware for its boot processor or normal operation. it is therefore possible for you to APPLY FOR RYF CERTIFICATION. this would allow you to reach a market and target audience that you would otherwise not be able to reach, which comprises a significant number of highly technically aware individuals who would then be able to both aid and assist others but also reach many more people by word-of-mouth and other channels.

    if this is something that is of interest for you to pursue during this campaign so that you can put an update on your page, do contact me (luke.leighton @ gmail.com) and i can put you in touch with the right people.

    now, the peripherals that are attached, if any of them require proprietary firmware in order to operate as devices (such as the modem) - i don't believe they do but i mention that just in case they do - those will NOT be possible to receive RYF Certification, but that's okay because they can just be excluded: they're peripherals, after all.

    but basically... WELL DONE.

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