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Power Dock Issues

  • Hi everyonone,
    I recently received my power dock. My omega has been working fine on my mini-dock and still works great, but whenever I plug it in my power dock, its wifi doesn't show up. It seems it boots up ok as the led binks and then gets stable, but I don't see its Wifi. When I plug it back in to the mini-dock its WiFi shows up and I can easily connect to it. I thought the power dock may require more amps so I plugged it into a standard mobile phone charger. Still can't see the Omega's wifi.

    Am I doing something wrong here. I updated the firmware to the latest version by connecting it through the mini-dock.

    P.S (I tried searching for the already resolved issues, couldn't find any solution, so posting here).


  • Maybe you could check if the 3.3V pin is actually at 3.3 volt when plugged in the dock.

  • @fossette Yup! It is giving me 3.3 Volts. Still can't figure out what's wrong!

  • I just noticed it on power dock the omega LED blinks 10 times and then becomes stable. Is this some kind of signal for something wrong?

  • @Shamyl-Mansoor now it would be good to check the boot log ... is there a possibility to generate one and write it to a separate file?
    I know, without uart chip on the board this will be not so easy...

    This link might helps you to find the log file or create one:

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