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Cross compile - wrong flash

  • Hi all,
    I though I was following the steps on the Cross-compile wiki, however, I certainly messed things up and, after some digging, I found the reason: I built and uploaded an openwrt firmware instead of omega's one.
    I noticed that when I screen the tty and saw an "openWRT" logo, instead of omega's one.

    Worse part is: I am not being able to connect it and download something(like an official omega firmware)(. I managed to get it connected to my router using wifi_supplicant, but I am not being able to download to anything.

    Not sure, but is there any way to send files over tty? I tried with minicom, but no lucky at all.

    Thanks in advance,

  • If you have the Ethernet Expansion, then have a look at https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Reflash-The-Firmware-With-Ethernet-Expansion

    The omega bootloader (uboot) has a small http server built-in, which can run and accept a new firmware over ethernet (but not WiFi) completely independently from OpenWrt - this allows to recover even seriously mis-flashed units.

    This feature saved my Omega a few times back when I just had started to build my own OpenWrt images and got important details wrong in the first few attempts...

    I just noticed that even when you don't have the ethernet expansion, but a second Omega with dock, you can use that to reflash, see here

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