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Onion Remote Controlled LED

  • Hello folks
    I am trying to just make an led turn off and on via button press away from my home network and i am having trouble finding a tutorial to write this script in python. I am a newb but trying my best. just looking for a simple controlling the light on/off while I'm at work. It is connected to the gpio. sorry for the newb question.

  • sadly the onon cloud is down right now but from there i can only turn off and on from the gpio tool i was just looking for a simple button.

  • sorry for the rant basically im looking to do.

    1. run python script to turn on led from gpio.
    2. connect remotely.
    3. hopefully just be able to toggle gpio from a simple web interface button.

  • Banned

    many led strip can remote control, and use the controllor.
    and we have a new product gs1820, it no need controllor, comes with more than 30 kinds of color inside of the led.
    hope that led can help you.

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