Hello, I have just updated the firmware to 0.0.8 b297, rebooted twice as stated below. I have a french standard keyboard and I am experimenting various problems with the terminal inside the console web page: I can connect correctly to the application from Firefox but some keys on the keyboard are not responding correctly, as if they were "dead", while most are just doing their duty... It works correctly from a ssh terminal launched from my Ubuntu shell, not inside Firefox! Also, there seem to be some css missing which shows various "raw" boxes from Firefox too. This applies to the Editor, Terminal, Login from Firefox. All of this was working correctly from 0.0.5 firmware however. root@Omega-17E8:~#oupgrade Device Firmware Version: 0.0.8 b297 Checking latest version online... Repo Firmware Version: 0.0.8 b297 Comparing version numbers Device firmware is up to date! root@Omega-17E8:~# opkg update