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The worst part is that sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

That's the problem I have with my 2+'s wired up to AMS1117's. They will normally run for 24 to 36 hours and then fail. Don't know if they get too hot, run out of memory or receive a power spike. When I reboot them sometimes they boot up and sometimes they don't. If they don't bootup after a few tries I leave them for perhaps 30 to 60 minutes and generally they do bootup. Bit of a mystery.

My Omega 2+ had a similar problem in that it would not reboot after it had been running a while (10 or 15 minutes was enough). After sitting unpowered for a while, it would happily boot again and run without apparent issue.

Guessing that there was an intermittent thermally sensitive connection somewhere on the board that affected start up, I reflowed the solder on all exposed connections with an SMD hot air tool and the problem seems to have gone away. So with a sample set of one, it looks like a manufacturing defect in my case.

My Omega 2 (not plus) didn't have this particular issue.

Both had problems during boot when running from inadequate power. The symptom of that problem is running normally through startup, as monitored on the serial port, to the point where wifi was first brought up, about 18-20 seconds into the boot sequence. At that point they would reset and repeat this process indefinitely.