@martin-somers Downloaded the latest binary and ran it on the plus works now I have access to wifi !!! on the first boot for some reason the browser endpoint drops on hitting the page after a reboot if you are not using an omega2+ then you need to download omega2-v0.1.10-b160.bin instead of omega2p-v0.1.10-b160.bin wget http://repo.onion.io/omega2/images/omega2-v0.1.10-b160.bin So for the plus wget http://repo.onion.io/omega2/images/omega2p-v0.1.10-b160.bin scp $(pwd)/omega2p-v0.1.10-b160.bin root@omega-xxxx.local:/tmp/omega2p-v0.1.10-b160.bin ssh root@omega-xxxx.local sysupgrade -n /tmp/omega2p-v0.1.10-b160.bin reboot the device then ssh into the device again >> ssh root@omega-xxxx.local note the updated firmware in the banner.... and run wifisetup then launch the omega setup in the browser on reboot the browser window displays none of the icons - so its the same as my initial post but at least I can recover to a starting point to test the device