@Shanan-Clark said in extend ram (swapon command) dismounts microsd card issue:

but i mean logically swapon should be part of swap_utils right? i mean that would make sense

Sure, it would. It's not the Onion-devs who decided to place it in block-mount, though -- the decision is made upstream.

secondly dunno my microsd keeps becoming un accessible, i actually think its random and not associated with the command error, however it was still under the temp directory as i wasn't mounting it on startup - maybe that was the issue

Maybe you could try with another card? Perhaps the one you're trying is bad or doesn't sit entirely properly in the slot. Or, perhaps mountd (the application that handles automatic mounting of stuff) is buggy -- have you tried manually mounting it? Something like e.g. mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /where/you/want/it/mounted -o noatime -t ext4 should work. Personally, I don't like the automount-thingamabob.

i really appreciate your response, i think because its in such an early stage and im inexperienced i struggle to tell if i am doing somehting incorrect or its broken, so knowing you have it going helps alot

No worries, mate!