@danilo-burdese hi plz use below method for making a PPP internet purpose. step1: opkg update opkg install chat comgt Step2: vi /etc/config/network config interface 'hologram' option defaultroute 1 option device /dev/ttyS1 option apn jionet //jionet place use your network apn option service umts option proto 3g option 'pppd_options' 'noipdefault' Step3: vi /etc/config/firewall this you have to copy config forwarding above line. config zone option name 'cellular' option output 'ACCEPT' option forward 'REJECT' option masq '1' option mtu_fix '1' option network 'hologram' option input 'ACCEPT' Step4: /etc/init.d/firewall restart Step5: /etc/init.d/network restart that's it thank you.