@slx : Sure. This was how it went, when I tried to install. root@Omega-745F:/# pip3 install -U pip setuptools wheel .. Successfully installed pip-20.2.3 setuptools-50.3.0 wheel-0.35.1 root@Omega-745F:/# pip3 install paho-mqtt .. Successfully built paho-mqtt Installing collected packages: paho-mqtt Successfully installed paho-mqtt-1.5.1 I have gcc installed, not sure if it helped to "built paho-mqtt" as seen above. root@Omega-745F:/#df -hT (mmcblk0 is 8GB, mmcblk0p1 is 4GB) .. /dev/mmcblk0p1 ext4 3.9G 156.4M 3.5G 4% /overlay overlayfs:/overlay overlay 3.9G 156.4M 3.5G 4% / .. Thanks..