Hi all Good news. I migrated original code successfully to work on Omega2! See https://github.com/h0l0gram/omega2-checkHumidity for binary and source. Make sure your Omega2 has firmware >=0.1.10 b160 or it won't work. root@Omega-1234:~# oupgrade -c > Device Firmware Version: 0.1.10 b160 > Checking latest version online... > Repo Firmware Version: 0.1.10 b160 > Comparing version numbers > Device firmware is up to date! root@Omega-1234:~# See https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Updating-the-Omega Example root@Omega-1234:~/checkHumidity# ./checkHumidity 19 DHT22 48.299999 28.299999