@Kate Pls try the sshfs extension, to see if that works for you. MS always makes it "awesome".. A: Onion side # onion os version (just FYI) === Version Info === Omega firmware: v0.3.2 b242 onion-os - 1.0.6-1 1: Set a passwd for the omega user to connect from your workstation over ssh, passwd is the easiest way. # passwd B: Workstation side 1: Install SSH FS extension for VSCode in the VS https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Kelvin.vscode-sshfs $ ext install Kelvin.vscode-sshfs or DL the vsix & add to VSCode https://open-vsx.org/api/Kelvin/vscode-sshfs/1.25.0/file/Kelvin.vscode-sshfs-1.25.0.vsix 2: SSH-FS shall create its own icon in the left panel, under "Soucre-Control","Extensions" etc. Click on it to setup the new ssh connection/credentials (IP, username, remote folder etc), pointing to omega. 3: Click on the "Folder+:" icon under the new connection entry. This will effectively add the remote folder to the current workspace. You will be prompted for the passwd, if that was left blank in #2. The connection also gives a shell prompt. Any file that is created under the newly added "remote" folder shall be created physically under the remote folder. "Save" to apply code changes. The plugins (C/++, Python etc) that you have installed in your WS works as usual, while you code. My workstation is Linux, so there was no need to install any ssh client. If you are on Windows, putty might work. I have not tried it.. but I guess it would work, since I see "putty" mentioned in the configuration page of #2. Thanks..