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omega 2 docks

  • hello
    im new with boards like omega, arduino etc
    i choose arduino dock with my omega 2 plus, i can use all modules of arduino? like this https://goo.gl/BB4nYy

    other docks cant use modules like this?

    what do you think the best dock for general use?

  • the arduino dock is mainly made to have support for arduino shields. but you can use regular arduino modules with it. but it doesnt come with a USB-to-UART Adapter, so you cant access the omega2 that easily.
    but you can use this sensor also with the omega2 and the expansion dock, but you have to use a voltage divider because the sensor outputs 5V and the omega2 can only handle 3.3V

    I would suggest you the expansion board because it offers a bit easier start in the omega2

  • @Matthias-Nowak thanks
    i want to connect 2-3 motors (with driver module i guess) and few sensors, omega2 + expansion dock can handle this?

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