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Portable VPN Client

  • Folks,

    I'm looking to expand the Onion WiFi/Ethernet bridge project by having the Onion initiate (and keep) a VPN connection to my OpenVPN server. I have remote devices which don't support VPN natively and don't have built-in WiFi. My plan was to plug the RJ45 from the remote device into the Ethernet expansion module and configure the Onion to connect to a Verizon MiFi unit.

    This would allow the remote devices to upload data directly into my SQL database and for me to communicate with the remote devices over the VPN without having to deal with the Verizon double-NAT issue.

    Does this sound feasible?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @John-Hart Hey, did you find a something to support this requirement? I too am looking for something similar.

  • @John-Hart I'm brand new to Onion, but I've been working on getting a TP-Link MR3020 to do this under OpenWRT (which I understand is what Onion is running on, I believe). The issue in getting small portable routers to do this is that the OpenVPN client takes a lot of space. Much more than you typically have available in small routers (not sure of the onion yet). There I had to move the root file system off onto a usb drive (which is why I chose the MR3020, it has a USB port intended for 3g dongles). It's been quite a project, but I've got the file system moved over and now have huge space in my file system and installed the OpenVPN client. I haven't gotten it to connect to my OpenVPN server quite yet, but I'm not giving up.

  • Hi
    Did you manage to get OpenVPN working on the Omega2?

  • Also note that MT7688 does not have a crypto accelerator module inside to help the encryption/decryption process thus the poor CPU will have to do the hard labor.
    I'd suggest: give that CPU/SoC a break and let it do what it is designed to do; no more and no less.


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