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USB Communication Help

  • Since it has been many years since I did anything with hardware, besides plugging in boards, I am very much in the dark.

    I am attempting to create a sort of adapter that I can put between my laptop and a "black box" that is expecting the dongle from a wifi mouse.

    Since I have learned that my laptop only has "host-type" USB connectors, and the black box is expecting a "device-type" connection on its USB port, I am looking to create an adapter that will connect to my laptop as something that it will accept, perhaps a serial port, and take what is coming from that, and pass them on to the black box's input.

    The goal is being able to send commands from the laptop to the black box that will simulate the mouse.

    Any suggestions? Can I make use of my Onion and accessories or even a Raspberry PI to do this?


  • You can! You need to build a mouse. Well, it can be a virtual mouse. But first, you need to study USB. Check this interesting QA here:

  • @fossette Thank you. Should have replied earlier, but I have been continuing my research.

    I have also been offered the Raspberry PI Zero, but it seems awfully limited, with only one USB port. If I use that as the pseudo-device, then I have no other communication with the board, or can I use their USB + Ethernet adapter ( hub ), as well as making one of the ports on that adapter into the "device?" I wouldn't think so.

    I think that the article that you referred to will be my best bet, along with a suitable "computer," whether it is a Raspberry PI ( not Zero ) or something else. I wouldn't think that I could use a pre-built computer ( laptop ), because their hardware and drivers ( even Linux ) are pre-determined.


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