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Compiler/IDE for Windows

  • Does anyone have recommendations for a C/C++ IDE running under Windows? One with assembly language options?

    Before you flame me too much, some of us have outside restrictions on our OS. I started programming K&R C on AT&T and BSD UNIX, but those days are long gone.

  • @Dan-Dickerson Unfortunately, I don't know a way to do this directly.
    The cross compilation systems that you need are all only available for Linux systems.
    While there are methods of running Linux programs under Windows (e.g. cygwin, msys) the cross compilation systems require the underlying OS to be case sensitive for file names and Windows in only case preserving, not case sensitive.

    There is an indirect way that I use and which works but is a bit of a hassle.
    While I normally work under Windows, I am quite happy using Linux systems. So, I have set up a Kubuntu Linux system running in a VM (I use VirtualBox) under Windows and do my Omega program compilation in the Kubuntu VM. Once it is all set up, it is reasonably usable and flexible.
    I use a combination of command line to run make on Makefiles and the Netbeans IDE under Linux to produce the Omega code with the cross compilation systems.
    I can access my Omega directly from the Linux VM and also have access (should I need it) to files on the host windows system.

  • Kit's recommendation for using VirtualBox under Windows is the best option IMO too. As for the Linux system running inside your VirtualBox virtual machine guest, any Linux flavor should do. Go from your past experience, or Kit's suggestion actually proven to work. I will personally use FreeBSD when I receive my Omega 2. You won't have problem using C/C++. I tested Netbeans a little, and it seems nice so far for me. Check also for CodeBlocks. I like it better. Best of all, all this is Free or Open Source software. Your only cost, time and patience for the learning phase.

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