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Onion Support Not Responding to Payment Issue

  • Hello,

    I purchased Omega2 from Indiegogo, details:
    Order ID: 2207
    Perk: Omega2 Plus + Doc
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Contribution: $24.00 USD

    Few weeks back I got email to complete survey and give shipping address,
    I completed it on 7th November, added additional items to my order and completed payment with Paypal.

    But after confirming payment in Paypal I got error msg, (Paypal showed successful transaction)
    "Could not save record successful transaction to database. Please file a bug report immediately."

    Which is what I did immediately, freshdesk ticket.

    Its been 12 days since that and the only "response" I got is, the Support agent asking me for the
    Paypal Transaction ID twice. (which I promptly provided every single time)

    In addition after not responding to the initial ticket for 3 days, the support agent creates a new ticket,
    for the same issue and again asked for Paypal transaction ID (which I provided Again)

    Now its been 12 days since filing the first ticket and 8 days since the second one. I have received NO
    communication from Onion.io with regard to the status of the Tickets.

    I have posted on the ticket thread(s) asking for status, but to no avail. I have also posted this on the Onion.io Facebook page but no response there too.

    Can the Onion community please guide how and what should I do to get my Omega2 that I have been so eagerly waiting for ?

  • You certainly deserve feedback from onion.io.

    Regarding your question about the Omega2 shipping... you may be interested in this thread:
    Also, you mentioned Indiegogo... That shipping schedule is AFTER the Kickstarter shipping schedule.

  • Hello fossette,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Honestly, when they will ship is something I am willing to wait for.

    The only thing I want is that somebody from Onion should tell me that my order will
    eventually be delivered.

    Hope that happens soon.


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