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JavaScript / Node APIs

  • Hi all,

    One of the biggest selling points for me was what seemed to be the focus on web lead technologies like node.

    Will there be any modules or APIs released to allow you to interact with things like the OLED screen or motors using JavaScript???


  • Hi @Owen-Melbourne, yes we will. We are focusing a lot of our efforts to create libraries for all of our expansions and writing wrappers for all the libraries. The wrappers we are focusing on right now are Python and Javascript, and we will be working on wrappers for PHP after that. Creating these libraries has taken a bit longer than we had anticipated as we are also tackling fulfillment at the same time. But we are committed to delivering every feature we have promised on our Kickstarter campaign, and we will continue to work extremely hard to have all of these features implemented as quickly as possible.

  • That would be great - one of the main reasons I jumped in and purchased the omega was for Node.js support. It would be great if GPIO could be driven via Johnny Five/Cylon.js type libs. I'd be interested in helping get this going anyway I can!


  • Does Node.js actually work on Onion right now? Which version? How much space is left on flash after it is installed?

  • @Sergiy-Kyrylkov We have 0.10.* working. It takes up about 3MB of space to install.

  • I didn't see node searching through the opkg repo - is it a manual install?

  • @Michael-Hill It will be out very, very soon! Stay tuned!

  • Awesome, thanks for the update!

  • @Boken-Lin 0.10.x is super old. Why touch it at all? What about current LTS branch 4.2.2?

  • How long is very soon? I've waited almost a year for this and I literally can't make it do anything cool.

  • @Sergiy-Kyrylkov I agree, 0.10.x is very old. We are working on getting newer version to work on the Omega as well. The advantage of older versions is that it doesn't take up as much storage as the newer versions.

  • @Austin-Kurpuis Within this week. Is there anything particular you had in mind that you want to build?

  • @Boken-Lin I am going to be using Onion Omegas as sensors in a security system that uses Wi-Fi and web sockets for communication. I've been a Node JS developer for years and a front end JS developer before that. I need node or I will not be happy with life.

    I must say it's disappointing that when I purchased this (nearly six months ago) the site said it was compatible with Node JS and it is still not technically compatible, not out of the box anyways. And if you're gonna use it for advertising your product that's getting close to false advertisement, at the very least the site should have a damn asterisk saying "Support coming soon..." since it clearly is not and was nowhere near ready for the real world at the time. Sure I could technically compile node myself if I had the time/fucks to give, I have neither. Besides if I wanted to do that why the hell would I buy your product which boasts it's support? On your website it says "Language: Python, Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Lua and more..." and has since I order, but this is still not true. #MajorRespectLost

    I am considering requesting a refund, it seems the CHIP (which I backed on Kickstarter) is a much better device for the job, they don't boast Node JS support but at least they are honest and I know what I am getting into from the get go. šŸ˜‘

  • Hi @Austin-Kurpuis, I appreciate your directness in expressing your frustration. The reason that we haven't released Node.js for the Omega yet is not because we were lying about its existence. In fact, we have had version 0.10 of Node.js running on the Omega even before our Kickstarter campaign started (v0.12 has already been released then). So we are not claiming that we support it based on speculation that we will be able to get it to work. We claim that we support it because we have already gotten it to work. The reason that we did not release it because of the same reason that the Onion Cloud and the App Store for the Console are still in private beta. We didn't release it because we wanted to do better, we wanted to be able to get newer versions of Node.js working before we make it available for everyone. But as we've mentioned a few times on this forum, newer versions of v8 and node.js have very limited embedded systems support, especially for the MIPS architecture, and making it run on the Omega is no easy task.

    All of us here at Onion have been working extremely hard, but we have underestimated the amount of work involved to get a product from concept to production, and to the hands of our users. As a result, we have not been able to deliver everything as quickly as we had hoped. I apologize for our oversight. This is our first campaign; we have learnt a lot from it; we'll know how to make more accurate predictions in the future.

  • @Boken-Lin Any news on Node.js opkg?

  • @Sergiy-Kyrylkov update your Firmware with oupgrade and update opkg with opkg update and then install nodejs with
    opkg install nodejs.

  • Yes, v0.12 package would be fantastic!

  • @Steve-Fister We're on it!

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