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Please help Omega 2 not working

  • Hi there everyone I am having some strange problems with the new omega 2 module as I am unable to begin the setup either through wifi or through serial.

    The wifi access point from the omega 2 is not visible and when I connect to it through serial it hangs at the line:
    [ 18.825147] EEPROM:Read from [factory] offset 0x0,length 0x400.

    At this point the omega 2 does not respond to enter being pressed or anything. Earlier in the serial output it prompts me to press f to enter failsafe which works but when I try to setup wifi there it begins to give me more errors which I can include if necessary.

    I would really appreciate any help to get this going as I am quite worried I have hurt the omega 2. It may or may not be relevant to mention that I am not using any docks and all connections are done manually with jumper cables.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have included a serial output file below and thanks again in advance.

    0_1481791141915_Serial Output.txt

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