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Omega2 and cloud and ios browsers

  • Hello. I received my omega 2 and it works great. I have accessed it via usb serial and via web console on mac. Note on mac web console acccess to onion cloud works on chrome but not safari when trying to access onion cloud.

    Onion cloud and omega console do not work on ios browsers, safari or chrome (i believe they share same guts on ios due to apple rules) i just get a blank screen in my browser though the title says onion console or onion cloud

    I would really love to use my omega 2 thru my ipad mini

  • I have the same issue. The Onion Console shows only a blank page on iOS devices.

  • Same issue here

  • Same problem here.

  • same here - neither safari and chrome work on iOS 10.3.1 (iPad mini). My Omega is really remote, iPad is the only way I can interact w/ it.

    pretty bummed.

  • Still a bummer. Just downloaded and tried 3 alternative browsers (Opera, Chrome and Firefox) on iOS, all with the same result. Not many websites that can claim that extent of incompatibility!

    The iPad is definitely not my first use-case, but I just wired up my Omega2 to control a mains outlet, and sat on the couch to try out (impress my wife with) wireless lighting control. Bit of a fizzer when not one, but four browsers failed to work!

    I eventually resorted to my favourite ssh client on iOS (Termius) and gpioctl saved the day, but definitely not the iOS experience I was hoping for!

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