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Great Multi-tools for IoT connection: MobaXterm

  • Hi,
    I thought I would like to share a great tool I been using for more than a year for all my IoT: Onion Omega, Raspberry PI, Arduino, Linux, etc. It is a great multi-protocols terminal / file transfer with great network tools inside, kind of Putty on steroid and it is FREE for mostly all features.

    It’s call MobaXterm ( http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ ).

    It's included all protocols you need to connect to your Onion Omega and much more in the same tool.

    • Serial
    • Ssh
    • SFTP / FTP Client
    • DAEMON SERVER for FTP /TFTP / HTTP /SSH / Telnet / NFS / VNC / Cron.
    • X Server
    • Install package tools
    • Etc..

    Plus you have tools like:

    • Network IP Scanner to find your device
    • IP port to see which port it is open.
    • And much more.

    PS: I don't work or neither related to MobaXterm but I find it awesome to share it.

  • @Eric-P. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Been using with onion and Rpi for years, best ssh access for it, highly recommended.

  • @Eric-P Thanks. Have just given MobaXterm a try and it is great. Even picked up all my existing PuTTY connection information automatically.

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