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Use Console from pc without wifi?

  • Using a laptop I have succesfully connected my Omega2+ to the wifi network and registered it on the Onion Cloud.

    Is there a way to use the Onion Console of my Omega2+ on my pc which doesn't have a wifi connection (but does have a LAN connection to the router which creates the wifi netwerk the Omega2+ is using)?

  • As long as you can see the ip of your Omega you could ssh/putty it. If you have the network-adapter module this should work.

  • Pepijn, sure, your desktop pc without WiFi can also access your Omega2. Keep in mind that the Omega2 has 2 WiFi interfaces, one for the access point using the default IP address, and one to reach the Internet using your router WiFi and an IP address on your local home network. From what you write, I get that your Omega2 is configured correctly because your laptop pc can connect to the Omega2 and the Omega2 has reached to the Onion Cloud via the Internet.

    Now, you just need to figure out what is the actual IP address of the Omega2 on your local home network so your desktop pc can access it too. You may find this other post of mine helpful (and other nearby replies), jump here:

    Return to the docs to further your understanding of what I said:

  • Thanks Luciano and fossette, that was the answer I was looking for. I didn't realize that the Omega2 has 2 WiFi interfaces. I found the IP address on my local home network: Onion Cloud > Device Manager. Now I'm able to use the Onion Console and putty from my pc.

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