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Can't connect to access point if password contains a comma

  • I am unable to connect to my well-established WPA2PSK/AES wireless network because the password has a comma in it. I have verified that this is the culprit by creating a new wireless network and varying the password to include or remove the comma. I get consistent results: including the comma prevents the Omega2+ from connecting, but it works properly if I remove the comma or replace it with a simple alphanumeric character.

    I'm using firmware version 0.1.6 b138 (up-to-date at this time).

    In resolving this problem it may be worth verifying that all characters permitted by the Wifi specs are supported properly. I haven't tested any other non-alphanumeric characters except space and exclamation point. Both of those work as expected.

  • @TheRealElbadoo The Onion-devs don't bother visiting these forums, but I can open up an issue on their github for this, maybe that'll get their attention so they can fix this. Or, if you have a github-account, then you probably should open the issue yourself.

  • I can verify this and add that while the password is correct in "/etc/config/wireless", it has linefeeds following the commas when displayed with "wifisetup list".

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