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Run bottle.py and Python on Omega2 ?

  • Hello all,

    i would like to know if i can run bottle.py ( webserver ) and Python on the "little" omega2 ? The Project will be this: [https://github.com/sumnerboy12/nukiproxy] This Proxy receives json Data and put it with requests as plain text to another device. Will this work ?

    Kind regards

  • I'm sure it will work just fine. I have tested other libraries with it just fine.

    opkg list | grep python ---to list python packages

    opkg install python3 ---to install python3(not that there are also light versions of python 3 and 2.7)
    opkg install python ---to install python 2.7

    Be sure to install the pip package for python 2.7 or for python 3.5.

    opkg list | grep pip

    Then install whichever version you are using. After that is done just use the command (for python3) pip3 install bottle

  • Thanks. I will test it.

  • Hi,

    i run out of memory šŸ˜ž With installed Python-Light, PIP and python requests there is no memory free for Bottle.py


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