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Lol nothing works

  • I understand that this is a startup, so things might be shaky, but right now this makes more sense as a cute $5 necklace pendant.

    Setup process is broken, Cloud registration/online is broken, setting up WIFI via web console does not work, I get constant dropouts of the Omega WIFI, web console stops responding.

    I can get the device to come online by manually touching ds.onion.io/[devicenumber]/listen?key=[device_key] but the cloud.onion.io interface is too slow to respond, so the device goes offline before I get a chance to do anything.

    After several retries I've managed to update to latest firmware, but that's about it.

    Btw, the Cloud GPIO app pinouts are completely off (where's pin 3?).

    Will Onion release new firmware and/or update web apps? Or am I missing something?

  • @Anders-Ekbom Yes, they will be releasing new firmware and updating their stuff. The devices were just launched -- a lot of breakage in the beginning is to be expected. If you want polished stuff, you should wait at least 6 months after release.

  • Totally understandable that you are frustrated when things don't work-- but it's important to provide details of your setup and what you have tried to narrow the problem, because for some of us, the Omega 2+ works fine.

    I connected to mine directly via wifi, set it up in my router using the console, used the serial console with a USB-TTL converter, then SSH'd in from an iPad via wifi, installed nano, (although I had to make a symbolic link of one of the libraries) Python, Apache, MySQL, PHP... and I have journalism and law degrees, not computer science.

    Maybe power is an issue or a dock? I use my Onion Omega 2+ only with AMS1117-3.3V Mini USB 5V/3.3V DC Precise Power Supply Module I bought for 99 cents hooked to a 1A 5v USB power brick.

    The onion cloud seems to work with Google Chrome (not on iOS though because it uses same webkit as Safari) but not Safari on Mac.

    Also be sure to check out resolved issues area

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