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Need FSCK (brutal shutdown hurt my USB key)

  • I'm in the gang, now! I received my Omega2+ Yeah! I decided to keep them off the Internet for security concerns. I download new firmware and packages from the repositories down to my pc, put the files on a USB key, then use them on the Omega2+. The problem is with the unpredictable behaviour of the reboot/shutdown feature mentioned lately, it's hard to handle the mount/umount of the USB key. Obviously, Murphey's law predicted that the Omega2+ would destroy my brand new Lexar 32Mb USB key. Strangely, WinXP I cannot format it in FAT32.

    So, I need to run the 'fsck' command to repair the USB key. Anyone knows in which package it is part of, or a tip on how to find out what is actually included inside a package file? ('opkg files' and 'opkg files' don't run from my pc) I would also need the 'fsck' sub-packages for FAT32 and EXT4 if they are part of different packages. Thanks in advance!

    My first thoughts about the Omega2+ when I received them, very impressed by their small size. There have been talks about its short connectors not breadboard compatible. Personally, I prefer the Omega2+ this way. It keeps the unit small.

  • @fossette Most of the various ext2/3/4-related tools, including mkfs and fsck, are provided by e2fsprogs. dosfstools should have similar stuff for FAT, as far as I know.

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