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Is the Console really needed?

  • Can one just use the terminal via SSH or PuTTY? If writing a shell script, the Command Line is where you will be anyway. And updates can be done from there. And maybe registering for the Cloud could be done there too. Since I'm about ready bring down the curtain on the The Console, maybe I can forget about it, for it just doesn't work for me.

  • The console adapter is just an SSH client into the device. I skipped is and simply use SSH through my terminal instead.

  • Glad I'm not alone here. The Console has some serious problems. Any tips in operating in command line mode only? Can you get the up/down arrow keys to remember? Thanks!

  • @Don-DeGregori Using SSH in command line mode, it pretty well operates like any Linux system.

    • up/down arrows will scroll through recent commands
    • left/right arrows will move through current command which can be edited using delete and backspace, insert by typing
    • tab key will do standard command/file completion

  • Onion just created a new controversy. Web Console or SSH Command Line. Other ones: Linux GUI or Linux Command Line; Linux or Unix; Apple or Microsoft; Coke or Pepsi; ...

  • Yes, but if shutdown and back up again, it doesn't remember anything. My Linux Mint box remembers forever! Well almost.

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