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Scratches noticed on the top of Omega2+...

  • Greetings, I just received my Omega yesterday and when I opened it, I noticed scratches on the shield part going under the MAC address label and on either side of it.

    Not sure if others have this as well, but I am disappointed that these mar this product.

    Here you can see one going above the label and several more below the label.

    Is this normal?


  • @Kurt-Roesener , if you just have esthetic problems with your omega you are a lucky man šŸ˜‰ .

    This devices are passing through many robot arms and human hands. So if there is no functional problem you have to live with that. If you have problems running it do as it is described in the guideline on top of page (see link).

  • I have to agree with @Luciano-S here: these devices are cheap, there's no high-end manufacturing chain, and aluminum just happens to scratch easily, so I would say that such scratches are totally to be expected. They may not be pretty, but at this price-point you can expect much else, either, considering how scratch-happy a material aluminum is.

  • There are some nice 3D print Cases around ... hiding in such one will protect from more scratches šŸ˜‰

  • Here's to hoping a couple scratches are the worst of any problems you have with your Omega2+. I have a feeling there are a LOT of people out there who would be glad to get their Omega2's even with scratches.

    Took me all of 5 minutes to get a couple scratches on mine. Left the film on my OLED, though.

  • @Luciano-S. @WereCatf Alright, I was just wondering about it. I am just starting to play with it and didn't know if this is normal or out of the ordinary. After your description, I can totally see that this can happen.

    Thanks guys.

  • I have strangers' fingerprints on mines. šŸ˜†

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