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GPIO Tool Unavailable for Omega 2

  • When will @onion be updating the GPIO Tool for the Omega 2?

    Omega 2 appears to be available, in a fashion, locally but not via the internet.

    I know you suggest bugs go via the console but then other users are not aware of the issues so I am reporting them here.

    Locally it doesn't show the MCU as you have the path for the image as /apps/onion-gpio/img/Omega2.png and I believe it should be /console/apps/onion-gpio/img/Omega2.png

    Having hacked the code I have now added the MCU but the background is still for the original MCU. See below:
    0_1484916520605_GPIO Tool Not Available for Omega2.JPG

    Access to the GPIO's is a fundamental requirement for the Omega 2.

  • @administrators @Global-Moderators sent the following bug report from the web browser but as there is no confirmation you received it I have duplicated it here.

    Omega 2 is not yet available in your GPIO Tool. Path to the Omega 2 image is incorrect. You are sending http over https i.e. the tiny image at http://i.imgur.com/YLj4Oj6.png

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