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Omega2 - moving serial terminal from serial0 to serial1

  • Is there any way to show the serial terminal on serial1 instead of serial0 changing boot options?

  • That would be a neat customization for those of us, who do not connect serial devices through the docks. @WereCatf, maybe you could advise?

  • @Zogg-Baubas The easiest way would be compiling a custom firmware-image. It'd only be a single line in the DTS-file that had to be modified. Alas, a custom firmware carries the few issues with it, so it may or may not be a suitable option -- that is up to you guys to decide for yourselves.

    Another would be to modify the u-boot settings, but I don't know if the Onion-devs have actually enabled such an option at all when they compiled it or not. I'll see if I can find something out later on, at the moment I'm busy watching movies.

  • I know it's possible with a custom firmware, but it's a bit risky and I'm not a brave man. In the Raspberry Pi you can change the baudrate or even disable the serial terminal editing /boot/config.txt, I'm looking for something like that.

    I'm trying to configure fw_printenv to get the u-boot enviroment variables (I don't even know what I'm doing šŸ˜…) Do you know what the Env. size and Flash sector size are for the Omega2+?

  • @jorgegarciadev I already knew that the partition for the U-Boot environment was empty and it was just using the defaults it was configured with, but I just learned that the kernel is configured so that it ignores any bootargs supplied by U-Boot -- it won't do you any good, even if I told you how to configure fw_printenv.

    Basically, you're shit out of luck here, unless you go with a custom image.

  • @WereCatf Thank you anyway

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