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Same problem

  • Re: Omega keeps resetting before boot


    I think I am also having the same issue. I just received my Onion's today. Started following the First Time Setup guide. It seems to keep resetting and the Wifi never shows up.

  • @Nicholas-Bourey

    While there are various possibilities, the most likely cause is a power supply not strong enough to maintain voltage during peak loads. How are you powering it?

  • @Chris-Stratton Off of my MacBook Pro. so i doubt its my power supply.

  • @Nicholas-Bourey said in Same problem:

    @Chris-Stratton Off of my MacBook Pro. so i doubt its my power supply.

    Strictly speaking, the Macbook is under no obligation to provide more than 100 mA to a device that doesn't properly negotiate for it, which I don't get the sense the power dock has the capability to do.

    In practice it does seem though that it can work with a good 5v-3.3v regulator on many computers . I will say that my personal experience with doing so is using a well designed switching regulator, which converts energy unlike a simple linear regulator - ie, the computer has to supply somewhat less current at 5v than the device is drawing at 3.3v.

    Ultimately, power issues are the #1 cause of reboots (especially around the time of wifi startup) and all of ultimate power source, regulator, and cabling should be considered... I had a system I was ready to give up on, tried a different (and confusingly, much smaller physically) source and regulator, and it's been wonderfully stable since.

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