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Omega2+ WiFi router conflict

  • I have this problem with setting up the Omega2+ for the first time. I connect it to my home WiFi network and it crashes my existing network. I think it creates a DHCP conflict but i'm not sure.

  • I had the same sort of problem, it also caused wired ethernet to fail completely. For the record, main network was on 192.168.1.x and was using a different wifi channel than the Omegas initially booted up on. Dual frequency, 2.4 and 5GHz Wireless-N.

    Didn't find a resolution to directly use that network.

    I was able to connect to my phone's hotspot at first, and ran the needed firmware updates via that. Still seemed to crash main network if I tried to connect to it.

    Later on I dug out an old Wireless-G router and connected it downstream of main network (using a different SSID and with its own DHCP using 192.168.2.x). The Omega2+ and Omega2 are able to connect to the sub-network without causing further problems.

  • Mh, sounds like the same problem. My normal ethernet connections were stable though. The documentation: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/fix-ip-addr-collisions.html says that i need a different subnet for my home network. The omega has 192.168.3.x and i have 192.168.1.x, so thats not the problem. I will try to setup the Omega with mobile internet and disable the hotspot when it's done. Thanks for your reply!

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