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Arduino Dock V2 and 12 Volt on VIN

  • Hi there,

    I have to ask how many volts the Arduino Dock V2 accepts on the VIN Pin?
    I assembled a customized board for the Arduino Uno R3. On these board I give 12 Volt power to drive some MOSFETs and other stuff. These 12 Volt also goes via the VIN Pin directly to the Arduino to power it on.
    Since the Arduino Uno R3 has some capacitors to accept any incoming voltage between 7 Volt and 20 Volt. So it's no problem to give directly 12 Volt over the VIN Pin.
    But how about the VIN Pin on the Arduino Dock V1 or V2? Is 12 Volt too much or are there the same capacitors to regulate the voltage down to 3,3 Volt for the Omega?

    In the documentation is no hint about that. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  • @mp3tobi It's not the capacitors that alone determine what voltage you can push, they aren't voltage-regulators. If you only look at the caps, you don't understand power-supplies. I took a quick look at the schematics for the old Arduino-dock and it uses a TD6811 switching step-down regulator, which can only handle an input-voltage of 5.5V. I do not know about the new dock.

  • @WereCatf Ok, you're right. I mean the voltage regulators which steps down the voltage to the needed voltage for the arduino. Sorry had not enough caffeine. 🙂

    Ok, thanks for the answer about the Arduino Dock V1.

    It seems they haven't changed the voltage regulator since they write a warning:

    The DC barrel jack may also be used to provide power to the Omega using a DC power adapter.
    Note that the Arduino Dock’s DC barrel jack should only be used with 5V DC power supplies. If a higher voltage is used, your Omega and Arduino Dock have a high chance of being damaged!

    Maybe they will release the schematic of the arduino dock V2 the next days so we can look about it. 🙂

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