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No LEDs (first time user) - is this normal?

  • Following onion.io/getstarted, I plugged my new omega2+ into my expansion dock, then connected to my PC:

    My PC (windows) made it's usual USB noise and announced installing some serial thing on COM3: - however

    No lights appeared on the dock, and no ligts on the Omega 2+ either.

    Continuing the instructions, I slid the slider-switch - no change (no lights). I waited some minutes (the omega2+ board gets warm) - but still nothing.

    I observe no new wifi network.

    Pressing the dock button does nothing.

    Can someone tell me:

    1. Do I need an SD card inserted, and if yes, what kind, and what format (file system) and what should I put on it?
    2. Does the omega 2+ work in the dock, or is the dock only for the Omega 2 ?
    3. What does the switch do - and which way is what?

    Assuming some LED or other is supposed to come on:
    4. does the dock work without any omega in it?
    5. does the dock have a light that comes on, and if yes, does it come on without an omega plugged in?
    6. Which lights are supposed to do what (and after how much delay) when plugged in? Common sense tells me that something should illuminate at least a power led somewhere immediately - does it?

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    You don't need to have a SD card to boot the Omega

    Omega2 works with the Expansion dock

    The switch turns omega2 on and off on the dock

    The dock will show up as a COM port even without an omega plugged in

    The dock will not light up without an omega

    There is an orange LED on the omega2 itself. It should start flashing as soon as you turn it on. When the LED turns solid again that means it has stopped booting.

    If you believe you got a defective omega pleas email support@onion.io

  • @Chris-Drake , the guidelines (see top link) might give you some more tips how to debug your device.

  • @Luciano-S. No - if you read the guidelines, you'll notice that noplace in there is anything helpful for my problem. Have you read them yourself? What exactly do you think is in there which applies to me?

  • OK - got my hands on another one.

    For anyone else with this problem, here is how the LEDs actually work:-

    1. When you power on the dock, nothing happens right away.
    2. a short while later (maybe 150ms or so) the yellow light on the Onion is supposed to come on
    3. about 50ms after that, the red LED on the dock should light up.

    There is no power indication at all - use a test-meter if you're wondering whether your setup has power.

    There is a slide-switch and a button: OFF is when you slide the switch TOWARDS the button, ON is when you slide it AWAY. There is lots of printing on both sides of the dock circuitboard, but nobody thought to actually label any of the buttons or switches or what they do etc šŸ˜ž

  • Hey @Chris-Drake , in the mean time i got my omega2+ too. So mine had the LED permanent on when i plugged on , i had to do a firmware upgrade till i could work with it.

    About your question what you could do because of a Hardware problem is, to take pictures of your hardware and check if you can see some soldering bridges etc. Post it here that we can help looking.

    If we know what kind of hardware you have, we can give advice who is helpful for you. A picture says more than 1000 words!

    About the buttons ... one is slide-able and the other is a press button. The first is power on/of the second is a reset button. But depending on your boards the reset button will not work with older/factory firmware.

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